MovieStarPlanet Free VIP Hack

If you are here you are probably a MovieStarPlanet player frustrated by the costly things like VIP in MSP. Luckily for you this is the right place to fix that frustration. We will cover up some basic things about the game and give you simple and clear instructions for free starcoins, diamons and vip so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

What is MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet, usually going by the shorter name MSP is originally a danish game. The game was published in 2009 by MovieStarPlanet ApS and since then it’s playable in 16 countries. The game is based in present time and as you can guess from the name it focuses around a movie scene a lot like Hollywood. The game is played online with your friends. In the game’s celebrity movie world you can for example produce films, looks, artbooks and designs. You can style your own apartment, hand out with your friends and play many fun minigames that award you with prizes. How you play and what you become in moviestarplanet is in your own hands: a movie star, a high-end fashion designer, a celebrity stylist or maybe a movie director. If you like animals you may acquire a pet of your choice. It can be a boonie (fluffy and cute imaginary animal) or an ordinary pet. All these choices leave the gameplay very open for your own decisions. Despite that the goal is always to progress in your own field to become best of all. It sounds easy and it is but only if you choose to spend real money on the game. Most players choose not to which makes the experience of playing notably more boring and the progression slower. This is why we’ve come up with a way to get free msp vip, starcoins and diamonds.

MSP Pets
Some of the available pets in msp. The one in the left corner is an evil boonie.

What is MSP VIP?

MovieStarPlanet VIP is the thing people mostly buy with real money. It’s pretty expensive on their own website but you can find vip codes cheaper from online game shops. There is three different types of vip memberships: normal, elite and star vip. Depending on the membership you buy the vip lasts for a week, a month, three months or a year. Longer memberships are cheaper in comparison to the shorter. The vip membership can be bought from the official website, from game shops or with a gift card.

With the vip you obtain many privileges that make playing more versatile and enjoyable. The privileges depend on the type of membership you have. All of them give you fame bonus, exclusive items, daily starcoins, extra autographs and daily wheel of fortune spins. With the elite and star vip packages these bonuses multiply greatly and you will get extra exclusive items. The two more expensive memberships also give you daily vip money diamonds which is otherwise not possible to acquire. Many people don’t like to spend real money on the game and if they once decide to try the vip membership then it feels boring without it. You’ll just feel empty when watching all the famous vip players walk on the red carpet.

MovieStarPlanet VIP Prices
Prices of star VIP packages on the game’s own website. They are rather expensive!

How to Get Free MSP VIP?

This is the part that you probably came here for. We’re going to tell you how it’s possible to acquire free vip for moviestarplanet. When I searched on Google and YouTube for “msp hack”, all of the results were people trying to benefit from either scams or sharing false information. If you’ve noticed the same then you can guess that our method wasn’t easy to come up with. Until now we’ve shared it only to private users to test it carefully. We started inventing this method when we saw that there was a very big demand in the msp community. Many movie star players were complaining about not wanting to pay for the company’s big prices. We took the challenge and finally after a few months found a bug from the game’s code which allowed us to get free unlimited msp vip codes. These vip codes are used by the game developers for making sure that the codes work in every new update. For every membership type there are own different codes that can each be used infinite amount of times. We are only sharing the star vip membership code as it covers all of the other perks too. What comes to safety you cannot be banned for this since it isn’t any kind of hack. Our private users have been using the codes a lot and moviestarplanet has yet to find this exploit so it probably won’t be fixed in the near future. Having said this you never know what happens so we recommend you to take advantage of this while possible!

MSP VIP Features
Exclusive bonuses and features only available for VIP members

Steps for Free VIP

1. Go to our msp vip codes download page here. Click on the download button and complete one of the small tasks. If it says there’s no tasks just contact us.

2. Once the task is complete the download of the one year star vip code starts instantly. The code is in a text while that can be opened with any operating system.

3. Once you have the code you can redeem it by logging into your msp account and going to “Redeem Gift Certificate” page from settings. Enter your code and press OK!