How to Get a Free Roblox Robux Hack

In this article you’re going to be led through the magical world of Roblox and showed step by step how to easily get free robux in Roblox by using a Roblox robux hack that we’ve developed. If you are only eager for the free robux then scroll right to the bottom of this page.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free to play massive multiplayer online game with Lego like graphics. It was published in 2005 and has showed massive interest in the gaming community since then. There are also recently published mobile and console versions that since publication have received excellent feedback. Describing best the game is like a massive sandbox that consists of endless smaller worlds you can play in with other players. Almost all of the worlds are made by other players with a feature rich development system that is quite easy to use. The diverse in the worlds’ game modes is enormous: some worlds are huge battle arenas with planes flying around, tanks crawling through the field and submarines seeking in the deep ocean. Others are tycoons where you have to earn points to become better and at some point you can beat the whole thing. There are also real creative and addictive game modes like hide and seek or build to survive from all kinds of different situations. The possibilities are endless and the great thing is that you can get creative yourself. After all this is what Roblox is about!

Roblox games
Some of the currently most popular games. All of them are made by other players!

Tix and Robux

Although all of what mentioned is free, when playing you will find out that there are some helpful privileges that can only be achieved through buying. This is of course necessary for the game to keep up developing but it can really get irritating when some players possess of overpowered items such as spring that you can jump much higher with. These items can be obtained by transferring free in game currency tix to paid in game currency robux. Being possible the transferring rate is made rather bad so players would need to buy robux with in real money or use roblox robux hacks. Many players don’t like to spend real money on a game or grind through never-ending hours of farming tix. That’s where many people such as youtubers have seen opportunity to get views by telling players how to get free robux and tix fast. Unfortunately most of these videos are misleading and I have yet to see any robux generators or cheats that work like told. Having said that the situation seems certainly weak. Still don’t lose all of your hope because I’m lucky to tell you that through patient research I have found a legit working method for free tix and robux through our roblox robux generator. I’ve kept it private till now so it wouldn’t be fixed but I decided to share it since I already have everything in the game.

Roblox paid items without robux hacks
The image shows a few items that you can only buy with robux. Some of these assist your gameplay which makes the game a bit of pay to win without robux hacks.

How to Hack Free Tix and Robux

Now it’s time to answer the question that you have probably been wondering with: How to obtain Roblox in game currency easily without paying real money. The answer lies in robux cheat code generators that can be used in the game to redeem stuff like robux. You can find the official redeem page here. Through exploiting their database with our free robux hack we’ve found a few codes that can be used unlimited times to redeem robux. They all give you different amount of robux. My personal bet is that the game developers generated these codes to test the redeem system. Luckily for us they screwed up so we could actually find the codes without them knowing. This allows an unlimited amount of robux to be generated with just a few clicks and without the fear of banns as this can’t be called any kind of actual robux generator. Now we have to just hope that they don’t have some kind of tracking system to see how many times those codes have been used. There’s a good chance that they do not have it since the codes aren’t used by other than the developers. Obtaining the codes is easy but there is one thing you should know about. Because I’ve put a lot of hours in for this and am now giving it away for free, I’ve locked the robux cheats codes download with a small step that you’ll have to pass in order for the download to start. This will get me some money in return for the work I’ve done for the robux hack. Later on I’ll remove the lock. You can call me greedy but I think this is reasonable and also it’s good for players that really want to know how to get free robux since the secret will be more safe with the lock on.

Steps for Free Robux

1. Go on the robux hack codes download page here. Hit download and complete one of the tasks shown. There should always be at least one free task for every country.

2. Download of a text file where the codes are should start automatically. If you have any problems with the tasks or the download just contact us.

3. Redeem the code with the amount of robux you want. You shouldn’t abuse them too much for them not to be found out. Redeem page: